Drone Simtoo Dragonfly Pro

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Drone Simtoo Dragonfly Pro – 4K Camera, Foldaway Arms, Follow Me, Point Of Interest, Panoramic Shot, Auto Hover, Takeoff / Land

The Simtoo Dragonfly pro drone is without a doubt one of the coolest looking camera drones around. 

This beginner friendly drone has an innovative folding design allowing it to fit easily in your backpack and thanks to the foldaway arms can pack down to 22.5×18.5×6.5 cm.

It weighs a mere 1.25 kg, including the battery, gimbal and camera and comes in a plush hard-shell case for easy transportation. 

The Simtoo Dragonfly pro drone has built-in GPS for intelligent flying functions and with a maximum speed of 20m/s, it can keep pace with all your outdoor activities.

It comes with a comprehensive user manual although it’s hardly needed as this sleek quad-copter is a sinch to put together and everything just clips into place or screws on with ease.

The fact it can be quickly assembled/disassembled and folded up for easy storage and carrying in its dedicated case means you’ll never have any reason not to take it with you everywhere you go.

A real testament to the clever and intuitive design that makes this drone a real pleasure to use and means you’ll be getting great usage from it. 

With its 3 axis gimbal and 4K camera featuring Sony imaging sensor, this quad copter will record stunning footage and snap amazing aerial photos.

Thanks to the mobile app you can even sync the 4K action camera to your phone for FPV which lets you line up shots effortlessly.

Now in stock and ready for immediate shipment worldwide. Order one today and we will express ship it out to you tomorrow…More Manufacturer Specifications