Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel

This is a book for anyone. Now, marketing experts would tell you never to say that as you should niche and only focus on a specific target market as not everyone wants everything, but this is the one exception to the rule.

That’s right; this book is for anyone wanting to make money without doing anything (so long as you are willing to do some work to complete the setup phase).

Any single chapter of this book once read and applied can easily make the reader a six-figure income. Apply all chapters and that is already a seven-figure income.

Do this multiple times and you can make the transition from millionaire to billionaire quite easily so long as you continue to read and apply. But wait – you say – I don’t have a business to market so this won’t work for me in my 9-to-5 job.

Hold on a tick. Every business sells either a product or service. In my opinion you would be a fool to sell either as a service is constantly exchanging your time for money and a product means you have to constantly reproduce to resupply.

In reality, however, to be successful, you need both; you just need to break the traditional rules of supply.

That is, you need a product that is produced once and can be sold an infinite number of times combined with a service that you can deliver once to an infinite number of people.

Author: Ellis, Kylee
Publisher: The Publishing and Marketing Queen
Illustration: Y
Language: ENG
Title: Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel
Pages: 00127 (Encrypted EPUB)
On Sale: 2016-02-17
SKU-13/ISBN: 9781921673832
Category: Business & Economics : Entrepreneurship
Category: Business & Economics : E-Commerce – Internet Marketing
Category: Business & Economics : Advertising & Promotion

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