Angels, Mobsters And Narco-Terrorists: The Rising Menace Of Global Criminal Empires

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In this ground-breaking book, Antonio Nicaso, an internationally renowned expert on organized crime groups, and Lee Lamothe, a veteran investigative journalist specializing in criminal conspiracies, present solid evidence of how established organized crime groups — such as the Mafia and the Triads — have changed their tactics and allegiances to protect their interests against the rise of violent and power-hungry gangs from Albania, Mexico, and Russia.

Angels, Mobsters, & Narco-Terrorists reveals how, due to their shared border, the USA and Canada have become prime targets for criminal groups that engage in money laundering and prostitution rings, and trafficking in human cargo, narcotics, and arms.

On the international scene, state-sanctioned crime is thriving on heroin profits and cyber crime is emerging as a very lucrative and baffling activity to investigate and shut down. Dive inside the world of organized crime and discover how far it has penetrated our lives.

Author: Nicaso, Antonio
Author: Lamothe, Lee
Publisher: Wiley
Illustration: N
Language: ENG
Title: Angels, Mobsters and Narco-Terrorists: The Rising Menace of Global Criminal Empires
Pages: 00000 (Encrypted EPUB) / 00288 (Encrypted PDF)
On Sale: 2010-01-18
SKU-13/ISBN: 9780470839171
Category: True Crime : Organized Crime

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