Android 4.4 Smartwatch Phone

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ZGPAX S8 Android 4.4 Smartwatch Phone – 1.54 Inch Display, Dual Core CPU, 4GB Internal Memory, 2 Megapixel Camera, 3G (Golden)

The S8 watch phone has been intelligently designed to bring a high performance yet fashionable answer to wearable communications.

With its metal bezel you get strength but at the same time a lightweight watch phone that’s a stylish timepiece with great multi-function abilities and will fit in equally well whether worn casually or if you dress to impress.

Wrapped inside its appealing exterior is a MTK 6572 dual core CPU that performs at 1 GHz and is supported by 512 MB of RAM making it capable of smooth processing even when multitasking.

Androids 4.4 OS was designed especially for this type of device as its optimized to run on less power and demand less from your system; therefore freeing up space and processing capabilities for the tasks you select. What’s more due to its efficiency you get 6 hours of life from this smart watch.

Having a 1.54 inch display offers a good size interface for the wealth of apps that can be downloaded to run on this device and there is a near endless selection available from the pre-installed Google Play store.

You can take advantage of the quality 2 megapixel camera to share photos with friends or update your media accounts with selfies or even video as it records in 864 x 480 resolutions.

The micro SIM card slot provides 2 G and 3 G bandwidth support so you can access faster download speeds if a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available.

The 4 GB of internal storage and 8 GB built in SD storage are ample for most needs and allow room for hours of music and media entertainment.

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