Don’t Fall For “All Or Nothing” Investment Schemes

There are unique characteristics and risks associated with all or nothing investment opportunities and there are several warning signs that might indicate the investment you are considering is really a scam. Taking a few minutes to educate yourself can prevent you from losing your life savings.
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Saving And Investing – A Roadmap…

Knowing how to secure your financial well-being is one of the most important things you’ll ever need in life. You don’t have to be a genius to do it. You just need to know a few basics, form a plan, and be ready to stick to it. No matter how much or little money you have, the important thing is to educate yourself about your opportunities. >Continue Reading<☺


Stopping Affinity Fraud

Affinity fraud refers to investment scams that target identifiable groups, often religious or ethnic communities. The fraudsters who promote affinity fraud frequently are—or pretend to be—members of the group. They often enlist respected leaders from within the group to spread the word about the scheme, by convincing them that a fraudulent investment is legitimate and worthwhile. >Continue Reading<☺