…Charged With Illegally Selling Narcotics Over The Internet…

LIANGFU “LARRY” HUANG used his company, Ark Pharm Inc., to sell controlled substances – including a fentanyl precursor – over the internet, despite not registering with federal or state authorities, according to a criminal complaint and affidavit filed in federal court…>Continue Reading<☺


Virtual Ticket To Prison

Daniel Mercede, of Chagrin Falls, was charged last November for using stolen credit card information to buy tickets to concerts and other events from a California-based ticket seller. He would then turn around and…>Continue Reading<☺


Multi-Million-Dollar Investment Fraud Scheme

…the FBI’s Atlanta Division received an allegation of fraud against an Atlanta-area businessman and the woman he had hired to manage his business finances. An investor who partnered with the pair claimed that the millions of dollars he had contributed to their business ventures was never properly invested, and he suspected that some of it had ended up in the pockets of… >Continue Reading<☺



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