The Maid Of Sker

Who is Bardie? Her refined clothes show that she is not an ordinary girl. But why did she have to be saved from the sea by a fisherman? This story is through the eyes of the fisherman, who followed Bardie throughout her childhood and attempted to discover her roots. – Summary by Stav Nisser.

Note: This text, published more than 150 years ago, contains race-related words and descriptions, which listeners may find offensive. >Continue Reading< ☺


Short Poetry Collection 181

Short Poetry Collection 181


This is a collection of 35 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for June 2018.

Translated poems:
The Bride of Corinth, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by John Anster (1793-1867)
The Diwan of Abu’l-Ala by Abu al-Ala Al-Ma’arri, translated by Henry Baerlein (1875-1960)

Genre(s): Poetry

Language: English

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